The Ghostly Advent Calendar: 3rd December – The Night the Reindeer Died

3‘The Night the Reindeer Died’ is, as Bill Murray fans will know, the film-within-a-film at the beginning of ‘Scrooged’. An incredibly game Lee Majors plays himself as the Six Million Dollar Elf – an ass-kicking sidekick of Santa Claus who prevents a bunch of ninjas from seizing Santa’s workshop. Armed with the contents of Mrs Claus’s massive artillery closet, Majors declares war on the intruders and saves Christmas.

Murray plays Frank Cross,  the manic, boggled-eyed TV executive who created ‘The Night the Reindeer Died’ and many more travesties for the festive season. Among his fictional holiday specials is ‘Bob Goulet’s Old Fashioned Cajun Christmas’, which features Broadway star and human cheeseboard Robert Goulet on a raft, paddling through a swamp singing Christmas carols while being chased by hungry alligators. There’s so much to love about this film – for example, the trailer for Cross’s ‘Scrooge’ ends with a giant mushroom cloud and the line “Now, more than ever, it is important to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t miss Charles Dickens’ immortal classic, ‘Scrooge’. Your life just might depend on it.

For more choice cuts of ‘Scrooged’, visit this gif-heavy site and enjoy the trailer below.


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